It has been happened a lot lot lot lot lot of things

~feeling running out of time~

So many bills need to pay up~wanna bankrupt ad

~pc repairment bill, contact lens order bill,unexpected bill.....damn it!~

Mon to Fri timetable for 2 subject only

~Going sch feeling like working~5 days  + office hr~damn it

Today end second weeks of sch

~next week test~damn it

After test 2 more days wanna pass up

assignment ~stage one~damn it

Later on~ 3 more weeks presentation~damn it

Continue assignment ~stage 2,stage3

plus might pass up another subject assignment~damn it

End of Nov final exam ~so fast~damn it

Learn new sentence~

13M11K~If it's come to this ,then so be it~

13M11K~felt lose smth seem quite imp..cant describe the feeling..... but it’s ok I think~ 

Listening~Say Hello to Goodbye~Shontelle

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