No feeling for this time CNY with one pant .....

plus three shirt bought on 2 o 3 day ago

with no shopping mood n not proposely go there shopping.

coz normally will go shopping alone buy watever I need.. Lol

Oo I saw my Japanese class fren get Japan language cert in Japan n

just notice tat d most handsome relative ~young 版方中信 go oversea in Japan

Damn damn damn Jealous man!!

Actually I have saw some chance to Japan study ..korea too..

y not take the chance??

but I know tat my mum is want me to work aft degree no anymore for study.

"too old for them,too young for me that y"

So I din take seriously to look it n apply..

I wondering tat young 版方中信 is apply one of tat chance I saw??XD

ok ..not so close with him ..jz close a bit

whn v was kid play together during no talk...

Actually I really wan know about he go through that..XD

Although I know he is really geng since he was a small kid untill now..

but still wan know the process..Lol

nihon itsu aimasu yo? ~~murmuring for my Japan dream

Well this yr CNY I do such crazy action..I think so;p

According feng shui TV show 东北 is good way to for Chai o Xi ?

watever..forgot ad...hahaha 

Then  有杀过没放过 I open all the window, light, door in my house for this yr CNY XD

ok I can describe myself for the word S.T.U.P.I.D.  XD

I wan Wang wang wang especially for tis yr..

Anyway Happy CNY plus Happy Valentine to U with this special video  

A movie that I watched during Christmas nite which give me such a great impression.

The movie title as "Serendipity" n It translate to chinese call 一见钟情..If I not mistake ;p

Erm.. It shd be recomm for yesterday ;p

but I quite tired on tat day coz sleep less than 5 hr.. Insomnia?too excited==''

who know or I probably change to UK time lately..==''

I trying hard to quit this bad habit ..~~will end it soon...

Serendipity~When You Know


Who u think of at this moment?

听着~情人节 张杰(南拳妈妈)也推介~重播,问号

好听~Good Morning again~.~13M11K

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